Chattanooga Electronic Services (formerly, River City Electronics) has over 35 years experience in tube, solid-state, analog and digital technology (TV, radio, amplifiers, other) serving consumers, commercial, industrial High End and Pro Audio.

Chattanooga Electronic Services (Chatronix) has the largest selection of new and pre-owned Hi-End and Pro-Audio equipment in the metropolitan area. Currently we have a large selection of the following brands: DENSON, KENWOOD, MARANTZ, NAKAMICHI, PIONEER, SONY, TECHNICS.


LCD, LED, Plasma and 4K

Integrated Devices

Phono Record Players, All-In-One Radio/Amplifiers


Pre-Amplifiers, Amplifiers, Guitar Amps, Head Amps, High-End Audio

Input Devices

Turn Tables, 8-Track, Cassette Player, VCR, CD and DVD

Pro Audio

Reel to Reel, Microphone, Pre-Amps and Mixing Boards

Installation Services

Television, Recording Equipment, Amplifiers and Pro Audio